What is orientation about?

Orientation is a week aimed to ease the transition for all new students of Woodsworth College through social, cultural, and educational programming. All of the events that take place during orientation are inclusive and accessible for all students no matter what their interests or backgrounds may be. Orientation is intended to not only orient students to the University of Toronto, but also to welcome them to their new home, Woodsworth College.

When does orientation start / end?

Orientation Week takes place three days before the first day of classes, from Monday September 4th till Wednesday September 6th. Woodsworth residence students will be moving in on Sunday September 3rd, though no orientation events will be taking place during that day. Our last orientation event, the boat cruise add-on, will be on Saturday September 9th.

Who can attend Woodsworth orientation?

Our orientation is open to all new students of Woodsworth College, including those who have recently transferred. If you are not a woodsworth college student, but live in woodsworth residence we invite you to join our college's orientation week. For further inquires please contact registration@woodsworthfrosh.com

Do we get food at orientation?

YES! As a part of your orientation package you will be receiving various meals throughout the day. Our meals are considerate of all dietary restrictions but you have any specific concerns please don't hesitate to reach out.

What else do we get from orientation?

Other than all the great friends you get to meet and the long lasting memories you create, you will all receive two orientation packs that include a variety of goods such as: water bottles, land yards, sun glasses, student discounts, Howl magazine and a host of other things.

Who is WCSA?

Woodsworth College Students’ Association {WCSA} is your student association, made up of representatives elected by you to serve, represent and advocate for the students of Woodsworth College. Apart from organizing social and athletic events, we provide a number of useful services and are constantly expanding what we offer from professional development to club funding! They help fund all the amazing orientation events.

Who is Shaver?

Shaver is Woodsworth College's official mascot, who has been eager to meet all the incoming students at our college. Visit Shaver's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/WCSASHAVER. 

LGBTQ events?

Our college community strives to be as welcoming and accessible as possible, so that no one feels left behind. That is why we are collaborating on a few events with WINC. WINC is an organization that hosts a variety of events and spearhead initiatives for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer community and its allies at Woodsworth College.

Do I need to bring anything to orientation?

There is nothing specific you need to bring to Orientation. On the first day of Orientation during the registration process students will receive an Orientation kit, which will contain useful tools to ensure a successful Orientation. Please visit our schedule to find out more information about specific events and their respective requirements. 

Do I have to participate?

Attendance to all Orientation events is ENTIRELY optional.  However, we do highly recommend that you check these events out!  Participation in Orientation is often an incredible experience that many people consider helpful during their transition into university. 

Where will I be staying during orientation?

Woodsworth College will happily provide residence accommodations for all students participating in Orientation. Commuters have the option of requesting a room in one of the Woodsworth College common rooms for the duration of Orientation. For more information on residence accommodations, please visit our registration page. 

If I need financial assistance for orientation tickets who can I contact?

If you require financial assistance to attend orientation please contact our student life Christina Alcena-Chea (christina.alcena@utoronto.ca)  or Ms.Yvonne Hilder (yvonne.hilder@utoronto.ca). 

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

We are eager to hear from you, and answer any questions that you may have. Here are a few contacts that you may find useful: frosh@woodsworthfrosh.com (general inquiries), and registration@woodsworthfrosh.com (registration). 

Should I attend my residence's orientation or my college's orientation?

It's very important to be integrated at your residence & college. We're very aware that many Woodsworth students live in different residences on campus! Most residences have free programming to make you feel more at home within residence. However, these programs aren't a full orientation & do not allow you to meet everyone in the Woodsworth community. Some of these events happen at the same time with your college's orientation but it's still super important to attend both! Your residence dons will encourage you to attend & it's really important to have a home base both at your residence & at Woodsworth! Also, Woodsworth Orientation is a paid program so first years so to attend you have to purchase a package. If you are living at Chestnut and are participating in Woodsworth Orientation, your dons will bring you to our orientation events.