Welcome to the Wolfpack!

Hello wolves! We hope everyone is having a fantastic summer, and we also hope you are all getting super excited about Orientation 2018! My name is Vidya, and I’m the Promotions Manager for this year’s O-week. That means I run the website and social media handles. (follow us!)

Orientation is a week full of awesome activities that allow you to get to know your fellow college mates. If you don’t know anyone, don’t worry- everyone is in the same boat! In my first year, I really wanted to make friends but didn’t know how. UofT is huge, and I was overwhelmed with having to learn so much about my new school and my surroundings. But orientation is made for first years with this in mind. It’s planned by Woodsworth students, so we know exactly how you’re feeling. The Orientation Executives, Management, and Leaders all volunteer to make this experience as memorable as it was for them.

The Orientation Execs/Management and Leaders are also your friends! I am going into my fourth year at Uoft, and some of the leaders I had, and even the orientation exec team, are friends that I still keep in contact with. O-week fosters the most memorable friendships, and it’s a way to make great memories with new friends. During o-week, feel free to approach any of us and we would be more than happy to chat.

Since our priority is making you guys feel welcome, we’ve also created this blog. We’ll be posting every week, so make sure you stay tuned for these. Each blog will be written by a member of the Executive team, and will explore everything from best places to grab some food, to the best study hacks in university. It’s like a more personalized FAQ page.

For now, this is the end of my post, but we’ll be putting up another one soon, so stay tuned! We’re SO excited to meet you guys and get to know all of your unique backgrounds. Hopefully in the days leading up to o-week you guys can get to know us a bit as well, and maybe we can help answer your questions! 

See you soon wolfpack!

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