Secrets to Success

Sometimes you may encounter a few challenges stepping into first year. When times get rough just remember that you have the Wolfpack looking out for you. Here is some advice from your fellow wolves!

"I just wanted to share a quick tip with you for your upcoming academic year to help you transition into university life. Very simply, I always recommend students to get involved on campus because it will provide you a sense of community, and help you build that base network system you need to enjoy your life on campus. Whether that may be playing a sport in an intramurals team, or joining a club, you should definitely find a focused group of your interest to stay connected with your peers! Not to be hypocritical, but another tip would be for you to not get too involved, as you simply won’t have enough time to truly be involved in everything you sign up for. From my personal experience, I find joining up to three clubs or organizations ideal!"

  • Ryan Jeong, President - WCSA

“Do not be afraid to ask for help and utilize your resources. There will be moments throughout your university career where you will be in need of help or advice from a friend or an expert. It is usually best to be proactive and seek out help right away. You do not want to let the issue escalate and affect your performance in school or become detrimental to your mental health. Your peers are more than willing to help you or refer you to other resources - there is nothing wrong or embarrassing about asking for assistance. In addition to your Tutorial leaders, professors, and administrative bodies, your Orientation leaders are happy to help you beyond Orientation Week. Stay in touch with your leaders, and use them as one of your contacts if you are ever in need of help. Your health and wellbeing comes first!”

  • Yesy Gilels, Public Relations Manager

“The biggest advice I would give is get involved sooner than later. I started getting involved slightly late was within the woodsworth community as well as across campus. This helps you meet more people and make more friends and connections. It can really help in making a huge campus like UofT feel really small.”

  • Akshika Dave, Registration Manager

"My greatest advice to students is to manage your time! When I first started at the University, I was overwhelmed with a lot of the readings. It was very easy to not do them. However, after making a schedule I was able to accomplish a lot more. I managed to make time for my studies and still maintained my social life. In the end, I realized that managing my time not only made me a better student, but helped me grow as a person."

  • Victoria Mohan, Associate Social

"As an international student, I found a home at Woodsworth due to my involvement from the very beginning. My advice to all of you is to look for at least one opportunity in your first year because it'll not only help you feel at home but also help you meet a lot of people and build long lasting relationships. Every opportunity I've taken has only led to more in the future so I strongly recommend you all to look for an opportunity you're interested in."

  • Rohan Shah, Finance Manager - WCSA

“I remember first year as pretty overwhelming at times, socially, academically, and just adapting to a new environment. However, once you’re settled and a little bit more comfortable at your new home of U of T, one of the best pieces of advice I can offer is to try new things! Don’t be apprehensive to talk to someone you don’t know in a new class, chances are you’re all in the same boat and that’s the best way to meet new friends. Get involved by joining a club, an intramural team, or volunteering for a social event! The academic aspect of university can get really hectic, and while studies should remain number one, it’s also very important to relieve some stress by trying new things- trust me there’s so many opportunities here just waiting for you to try!”

  • Julia Cicconi, VP Social