Hey Wolfpack!

We hope you’re excited that orientation is only THREE WEEKS AWAY!! If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, what are you waiting for?? The time to buy a ticket is now before they’re sold out and trust me they’re selling fast!

However, before Orientation starts and your Woodsworth journey begins, we want to make sure you’re fully prepared. One of the best ways to make sure you’re ready for this adventure is meeting the amazing people in Woodsworth! Don’t worry to get this started we’ve been getting our #WolvesofWoodsworth posts up so you can get to know people who will fast become familiar faces! Mainly, we’ve been introducing you to people heavily involved in Orientation planning but now we want to introduce to other Wolves of Woodsworth who are just as important and you should get to know! This is the Wolves of Woodsworth: Fourth Year Edition!

The first #WolfofWoodsworth is Chantel! Chantel is a fourth year Philosophy & Political Science student. She’s from Penetanguishene, Ontario.

Chantel is one of our Wolves of Woodsworth because she is so involved in our amazing community. When she’s not busy with school, she working at the Woodsworth Residence as an Admissions Assistant! If you’re living on Woodsworth Residence or have ever been concerned about your status with residence, it is most likely that you were communicating with Chantel or she was helping your residence admission through the administrative side! Chantel shows so many people around her that even though you’re a student, it doesn’t mean you can’t build your career and build your resume through valuable and influential positions. Not only does Chantel work for our Residence office, but she is the Editor-in-Chief for our amazing Woodsworth publication the Howl. Chantel has been pivotal in turning around the magazine and really highlighting Woodsworth’s media talent. She is an example of how students can have a huge impact on other students and inspire them to do a lot more. When Chantel isn’t working or busy with the Howl, you can find her studying on the 14th floor in the common room of residence. This is one her favourite Woodsworth spaces to study and definitely a spot to check out if you can. Chantel Ouellet is one of our Wolves of Woodsworth and we cannot wait for you to meet her! You can find out more about Chantel from her post in your Accepted 2021 facebook group or when you see her around Woodsworth!

Our second #WolfofWoodsworth is Nitish! Nitish is a fourth year in Computer Science!

Nitish is one of our Wolves of Woodsworth because of how innovative he is and what he’s built as a student. Nitish is one of the creators of Studybuddy. Studybuddy is an online platform for students to find tutors and academic help when they need it. They can also reach out to help their peers. They started this in 3rd year when he saw students struggling to find the help they need for academic success.Nitish is a prime example that with whatever brilliant idea you have in university, this community can give you the tools to excel and get it going! Nitish’s favourite memory in Woodsworth is when his roommate and him hosted a pancake night in their residence. They bought a bunch of pancake mix and just invited all of their friends to hang out and eat pancakes! They had a bunch of fun and even made new friends! Like Nitish, take opportunities that will better you when they present themselves and get to know the amazing people around you. You never know where it will lead you! Find Nitish around Woodsworth during the school year and be sure to give him a wave or even ask for advice!

Our third #WolfofWoodsworth is Julia! Julia is a fourth year Criminology student-athlete. Julia plays Rugby and is a flyhalf or wing!

Julia is a key highlight on how student-athletes are still a big part of our community. Woodsworth is huge and sometimes we even forget that we have student-athletes that are a part of the Wolfpack! Julia is one of them! Currently, along with a full courseload and practice in full swing, Julia is our Vice President of Social Affairs for the Woodsworth College Students’ Association (WCSA)! Julia is a prime example that you do not have to limit yourself to just one thing in university. If you’re able to, enhance your university experience and be involved! We know it is not easy to do it but Julia shows us everyday that it is very possible! If you want to know what she is doing WCSA wise, check out ww.mywcsa.co or if you want to check out her Rugby game, check out ttp://www.varsityblues.ca/?path=w_rugb ! You can find Julia in the WCSA office during her office hours or at her favourite spot on campus, Goldring Centre for High Performance which is the gym right beside Woodsworth ! Say hi to her during orientation as she is a part of our OEC or in-between a workout at Goldring!

Our fourth and final #WolfofWoodsworth for this edition is Madeline! Madeline is a fourth year studying Psychology and Women & Gender studies.

Madeline is one of our Wolves of Woodsworth because she has found herself in different areas of university but also very involved in Woodsworth! Madeline is currently working as a Student Communications Assistant in the Office of the Faculty Registrar for the Arts & Science Faculty. This is a huge position for someone still in school and has allowed Madeline to be connected to a high level of administration but still able to produce some amazing media production as part of her job! Take a look at her work here featuring your OCs! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUTO7RJyP9ISdYKpotdB9y_MrM0sTvzU Aside from her amazing job, Madeline is also one of your Woodsworth Residence Dons! Dons are there to support you, make sure you are okay and be a steady person to rely on during your transition period! Being a don is a huge accomplishment and speaks super highly of Madeline! If she happens to be the don of your floor, be sure to get to know her and get all the advice you can from her! If she’s not at residence, you may also be able to find Madeline at Law Library which is a beautiful space or any of our green spaces at Woodsworth!

We are so lucky and to have people like these 4 amazing fourth years in our Wolfpack! Remember, they have gone through first year, gone through that transition and have done amazing things. Connecting with uppers is one of the best ways to get connected in Woodsworth! Look out for more of our instagram #WolvesofWoodsworth posts and our next blog edition of #WolvesofWoodsworth!

Stay tuned for our next blog post and cool instagram contests happening this month! Until next time Wolfpack!